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The process of prospecting begins with a high-level analysis of wind & solar-rich areas. Based on numerical weather prediction mesoscale models and data from reanalysis. These data are used to conduct a preliminary wind resource assessment (WRA).

  1. Installing Meteorological Stations
  2. Data Analysis and Quality Control


Wind Turbine Optimization

Project siting includes all activities that occur prior to Wind Energy & construction, such as EIA, obstruction analysis. Site planning and engineering, logistics planning, grid interconnection, and permitting and licensing. This activity may take place concurrently with the WRA step.

Wind Flow Model Based Estimation of AEP

Linear wind flow models such as WAsP are used for the core spatial extrapolation and AEP computation. Other software tools are WindPRO, Wind Farmer.

Cases with complex terrain and thermal instability. CFD is modelled on a three-dimensional grid, and these models are run-on high-performance computer clusters.

Loss & Uncertainty Analysis

Operational Wind Turbine Assessment

Environmental Impact Assessments


Grid Interconnection

Power Purchase Agreements (PPA) Financing

This activity begins with selecting an EPC contractor and turbines for the project.

Detailed project plans are created in this activity, as well as detailed engineering of the foundation, roads, collection system, substation, grid interconnection, logistics, and other components.